Online Roulette explained in a nutshell

By 23 January 2021

You may of course know Roulette as this great game from many movies or from an actual casino. But there is also Roulette online - a game that can be just as tense and atagonizing as the brick and mortar counterpart at 2brotherskennel . Before you maybe try your hand at Roulette, there are few things though that you absolutely have to know. For example there are some key differences between different versions of Roulette online. Or have you heard about inside and outside bets?

The basics explained

Generally, Roulette consists of a table with a wheel attached to it. This wheel has numbers from 1 to 36 marked out as pockets in red or black. Add to that one or two green fields with number 0 or 00. To start the game, the dealer throws the ball into the wheel. In online games, you might just click a button with your mouse and the game starts. Once the ball is in, you can not place any more bets.

There are two major versions of Roulette, also online. The more traditional version is the European or French Roulette, with numbers from 1 to 36 and a single 0 pocket in green. The French version has even retained the original language. All the calls in French Roulette are in French, including the well-known "Rien ne va plus!" when the game is about to get serious. European Roulette is more open to other languages, though most of the times, it will be French or English.

  • Get to know American and French Roulette
  • Follow the ball into the right pocket

American Roulette is a variation of the game with an extra green pocket that just as well as the 0 "belongs" to the dealer. That second green pocket is the 00. It gives the dealer an additional edge in the game, also known as the house edge. American Roulette has a house edge of just over 5 %, while the European versions of the game have a house edge of 2.70 %. European Roulette is thus more favourable for the players, but far from a safe call either.

Pick the right strategy

In contrast to purely random games like slots, in Roulette you can follow certain strategies. One of them could be to try and play safe by using outside bets only. In this case, you bet on large groups of numbers, sometimes half the numbers available on the wheel. The increased security of such bets of course comes at the expense of winnings. A proper outside bet would only bring back the amount that you put into it. The more precise you bet, the more you can win.

The other types of bets in Roulette are neighbors and inside bets. Particularly positive players would try their luck with inside bets on certain numbers. Even though the draws are meant to be purely random, there are some mathematical principles that apply to such bets. If the wheel is well adjusted, no number is an favour of others and the ball could end up in any pocket. Neighbors are grouped bets similar to the outside bets, but with not quite as many numbers included.